NewsMay 28, 2024

Departure of 4th Comets

Notice about the 4th Talent of COMETS departure from OshiLink

Thank you for supporting OshiLink.

We are sorry to announce that as of MAY 27 2024, the 4th COMET will leave OshiLink and not Re-Debut due to existing contracts with another agency discovered recently that conflicts with their ability to be an OshiLink talent.

After talks between the talent, OshiLink and the other agency in question were done, we have concluded with a mutual agreement that, whilst the contract with the other agency is active, the talent is not allowed to become an OshiLink Talent and as such, we had to make the tough decision to not proceed with their Re-Debut.

The activity of the rest of COMETS will still proceed as planned.

For any questions regarding this notice, please contact OshiLink ( and do not enquire to the OshiLinkers.

We hope for your continued support of COMETS and OshiLink